Local Rental Assistance Programs


Are you still looking for a loan? Many programs exist on a local level that may provide either a low-interest or no-interest loan, or possibly even a grant towards your rent.

That’s right. Some programs even provide a cash payment directly to your landlord. Your landlord may receive a check for one or even two month’s worth of help with back rent. There are substantial eligibility restrictions which may include income as well as a requirement that eviction is imminent.

For those who are not at the point of eviction or homelessness, money can still be hard to come by to meet cash move-in requirements. Local loan programs may be able to help in these situations. If you prefer, you can obtain a security deposit loan to help you gain approval for your new lease.

The local government agencies, nonprofit charities and churches that provide local assistance programs can often help with rent and utilities. Therefore it is a good idea to learn more about the programs that serve your community. Then you can contact them and find out what you need to do so they can evaluate your needs and make a determination on potential aid.

Local rental assistance can come in the form of cash payments, loans and eviction intervention. Even reduced rent apartments or Section 8 subsidized housing may be options for extreme low income families.

Still, you do not have to necessarily be in dire straits in order to receive help. There may be varying levels of support based on a sliding income scale or some other measure. To find out, identify some of the local programs that provide rental assistance in your community and contact them to arrange an appointment. A case manager will discuss your challenges with you and determine what types of assistance they can provide. Even if you do not qualify for their program, they may be able to direct you to another program in which you do qualify.