Help with Back Rent

When you are behind on your rent, you are in imminent danger of being forced out by your landlord. You may need help with your back rent in order to be able to remain in the apartment or rental house. Help with back rent can come in a couple of forms.

First, you may be able to get a loan for rent payments. This can help you restore your rental history to current status, thereby getting your landlord off your back. You may even have enough for your next one or two rent payments. That can buy you some time so that you can pay off other bills and get your income back on track.

A loan for rent can come from a commercial lender, such as a bank or credit union. These are preferable to other higher cost options, such as a consumer finance company or worse, a payday loan company or tribal lender.

Some community service organizations also offer specialized loans to help you with back rent. These programs are run by charitable organizations and local government agencies. By helping you stay in your apartment, these programs can help you avoid other social services aid programs and get back on your feet. They give you a leg up without a handout.

A second form of help could actually be a handout. Grant programs can actually provide cash assistance for back rent. These programs are also run by charities and local government offices. Some churches have similar programs.

Eligibility requirements vary, and there are certain limits on payouts. Still, you might find that your situation warrants a grant to cover one or two month’s worth of back rent. This can be a huge boost, since you do not have to pay these grants back.

Rental help can be found by searching local rental assistance programs. Word of mouth can help you find out who to contact for aid. You can also usually find the most active programs by visiting your local social services agency. Some social services departments even administer funds that can be applied to a number of needs, including emergency utility cutoff prevention and help with back rent to prevent an eviction.

You can most expect to receive a grant if you have received an eviction demand notice from your landlord. Depending on your state requirements, this could be as little a 5 day eviction notice. Unless you have received one of these, you may have to rely on a loan to help with back rent rather than a grant. Still, it is worth it to contact each agency to determine what the requirements are and whether you qualify for assistance.

If you are late, don’t hide from your landlord. Communicate your problems openly if you are seeking help through an aid program. If you are reluctant to share your situation, then a loan can help you come up with the money and satisfy your landlord at least for the time being.