Loan for Rent

When money is tight, rent can be a difficult bill to meet. Getting a loan for rent might make the difference between comfortably living in your own place and getting put out on the street.

Do you make enough money to afford rent but find that you cannot meet the high upfront cash requirement? Depending on where you live, you may be asked to pay the first month’s rent, a security deposit equal to the first month’s rent and possibly even the last month’s rent also.

For an apartment with a $750 monthly rent, you could be forced to pony up $1,500 to $2,250 upfront before you can even make entry. And that is just the upfront cash requirement.

You may also have minimum credit rating requirements that you must meet before you can be approved. In addition to a credit check, the approval process can also involve an application fee and background check.

Perhaps you are looking for companies that provide security deposit loans. Maybe you need a loan for rent payments. We have information on both, as well as ways that you can get help with rent payments.

Find information on the following needs:

  • Security deposit loans help you get into an apartment. It can cut the amount of cash you need to come up with for a down payment.
  • Loans for rent payments help you stay current on your rent. Otherwise, disruptions in your income could cost you your apartment.
  • Rental assistance grants can provide the same cash as a loan without the need to ever have to repay the amount.
  • Help with back rent allows you to get caught up on rent. Your landlord is not interested in your problems. They only want to be paid on-time.
  • Preventing an eviction can help you stay in your apartment and avoid additional problems. There are many legal protections that you may have.
  • Emergency rental assistance programs could provide hard cash directly to your landlord. Many programs routinely provide over $1,000 as a payment for your rent. Some programs are national or regional in nature and provide support to local programs.
  • Local rental assistance programs may provide emergency cash, or there may transitional housing opportunities with local service providers.
  • Reduced rent apartments are subsidized by local governments, giving you a chance to cut your rent payments by up to 75%.

Just because you find yourself short on cash now does not mean that you cannot afford your apartment. Finding a source of assistance to help with your rent can buy some time until your income recovers. Loans for rent can be obtained quickly, and often with a simple application.

Each lender has their own criteria, so you will want to find out what their requirements are. Most lenders will approve a loan as long as you have monthly income of at least $1,200, and it does not matter if your income are received from a job or from government assistance.

Stop worrying about where you will live tomorrow. Gather your resources, get the help you need and take control of your life. If you are confident you can afford it, then a loan can help you meet rental obligations.

Alternatively, you may appreciate the many grant opportunities and other assistance offered by caring organizations which could allow you to get help without taking on more debt. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need on lenders that loan money for rent payments as well as service providers that provide grants and direct support that can eliminate the need for borrowing money to meet rent. If you cannot find it here, contact us to request more information.