I am recently homeless and employed full time, need first month rent

(Request from Maria in Phoenix, Arizona) I have recently be some homeless and I am employed full time. I have a place of interest already to move and I need the first month rent and security deposit. If anyone can assist me please let me know immediately. Thank you.

Dear Maria,

Being employed full time is a great asset. Your fully employed status will benefit you as you attempt to get situated in a permanent residence.

It can still be a challenge coming up with the rent and security deposit prior to getting moved in. A deposit for utilities can also add to the upfront costs. There are some organizations that can help you get on your feet.

Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA) primarily serves nearby Tempe, though Phoenix residents are also assisted through some of the programs. TCAA has an emergency rent program that can provide some help with accumulating the necessary funds to get moved in.

Portable Practical Education Preparation Inc (PPEP) is another organization that can help with rent as well as utility deposits. PPEP is very well connected with multiple charities throughout Maricopa County, and many referrals results in cash aid that can help with getting approved for a new rental agreement.

Since you mentioned that you are fully employed, it is possible that a higher annual income level may prevent you from qualifying for some aid programs. You did not state your income so it may be necessary to confirm the income limits with each organization to determine whether or not you qualify for rental assistance.

For higher monthly income, grant-based aid may not be possible. There is still the possibility of a loan which can help you come up with the cash necessary to get moved in while still giving you the benefit of a low monthly payment over many months.

Phoenix rental loan options vary from very affordable credit union products all the way to the unaffordable payday loans. If you must borrow money, then it helps to receive the lowest rate possible. This makes the credit union option perhaps the cheapest of all.

Keep in mind that aid can come in the form of a cash grant or low interest loan, but there are other options too. If you are willing to entertain a temporary housing situation, then a transitional program can result in the best eventual permanent housing choice. A case manager at any housing charity can help you evaluate transitional housing programs in Phoenix.