Rental assistance in Mecosta County

It has been many years since I lived in Big Rapids working a summer job. Today I still remember the financial difficulties people had paying the rent and other bills in Mecosta County.

Newaygo County Rental Grants and Loans

Newaygo County residents who are already stretched thin by high commuting costs may find it difficult to cover the rent and utilities, especially when a financial emergency occurs. The rental assistance programs operating locally are designed specifically to help individuals and families manage a short-term crisis to ensure that it does not cause permanent harm.

My rent is due today in Traverse City, in desperate need

(Request from Megan in Traverse City, Michigan) Due to a bad home situation I was forced to move out of my mom’s house. My rent is due today, July 1, and due to unexpected costs I am unable to pay. I need 462.00. Please direct me to help! I am in desperate need!

I sent a SER application into state to stop eviction

(Request from Roy in Clinton Township, Macomb County, Michigan) I sent a SER application into state to help me with $1500 to stop the eviction. I am now 2 days away from the 10 days. I have my sister who is a single mom with a 6 year old that lives with me. I need help I work […]

I’m past due on rent in Waterford, MI

(Request from Christine in Waterford, Michigan) Hello my name is Chris and I live in Waterford with my 4 yr old daughter and myself. Due to medical expenses and car expenses I am past due on my rent of 690.00. Can you please help us in order to stop eviction process??  Thank you.

I need to borrow money for rent in Royal Oak, MI

(Request from Julia in Royal Oak, Michigan) I desperately need help in paying this months rent in order to avoid eviction. I am willing to do anything, I will even put any asset I may have on the line to avoid being homeless. I have a job and My rent is $855, however I only need […]

Tenants find rent assistance in Saginaw County CAC

Saginaw County Community Action Committee (Saginaw County CAC) could provide the difference you need to pay the rent when you’ve encountered an economic hardship. This nonprofit organization provides comprehensive community service programs that work to make sure that you do not face homelessness even if you are unable to make your rent payments. These agency […]

I need help finding reduced rent apartments in Flint, MI

(Request from Brandy in Flint, Michigan) Okay so I was staying with someone who have a open protective service case so now I got one open and they won’t leave me alone until I get me and my four kids in a house but I have no money right now. I don’t want my kids taken […]

Marquette rental assistance paid through DHS emergency relief

Marquette rental assistance is provided through the county through a special emergency support program. The Marquette County Department of Human Services (DHS) is the local government agency that administers state funds that are reserved for helping needy families get through a temporary financial crisis.

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