CPC grants $1000 to tenants in York

Community Progress Council Inc. (CPC) is a nonprofit organization in York County Pennsylvania that is committed to preventing homelessness. They use a very aggressive approach to assist tenants in need, paying grants of up to $1,000.

Reading aid programs provide rent assistance

Reading tenants who cannot pay the rent are subject to eviction unless they are able to restore their account to the satisfaction of their landlords. This could involve a workaround agreement, or it could take repaying all arrears at once using a grant or loan. These programs can help.

Rental assistance in Clarion County provided by Community Action

Financially distressed tenants who are at risk of eviction may have the opportunity to gain rental assistance in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. Community Action provides local residents with supplemental funding to help offset rental deficiencies so that landlords may be willing to drop eviction proceedings.

In desperate need of rental assistance in Lancaster, PA

(Request from Ann in Lancaster, Pennsylvania)  i am in desperate need of rental assistance to get caught up with my rent so i don’t lose my house. my boyfriend and i broke up and he moved out and i lost my job. so is there any help out there for me? please let me know. thanks.

Need a loan in Hummelstown PA for rent

(Request from Ronnie in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania) I have received an eviction notice, for March 17,2014, I’m looking for help, prefer to get a loan, but I do not know who to contact.

In need of emergency rent assistance in Harrisburg PA

(Request from Deniece in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) I’m currently in between jobs and will not be able to pay my December’s rent. I’m starting my new job on December 9th, 2014 and will not be paid until the first week or two in January. I’m in need of emergency assistance with my rent. How long does it […]

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