Rental aid programs serving Bertie County

Rural Bertie County actually has more programs available for local residents than counties twice its size. This is a benefit to lower income households who experience difficulties with making the monthly mortgage payment.

WWCM provides help with rent in Apex and Holly Springs

Western Wake Crisis Ministry (WWCM) has become widely recognized for its help with rent in Apex and the Holly Springs community. Families who find themselves in crisis have been able to turn to WWCM for much needed help with immediate living costs while they scramble to get their lives back in order.

I am homeless and have a section 8 voucher in Raleigh

(Request from Chrisandra in Raleigh, North Carolina) I’m a homeless, jobless single mother of 3 boys. (6, 3 & 1.) I have received a section 8 voucher. My previous landlord is trying to charge me $857 for clean up/repairs for my previous residency. The apartment was broken into and the damages was caused by the intruders […]

I need affordable rent in Charlotte, NC

(Request from Temargia in Charlotte, North Carolina) My husband and i recently separated and i have 3 children. He left and now im stuck with the bills rent that’s $813 plus water lights and other bills that i cannot afford i need to move out of here in two weeks and need housing for my children. […]

Where can I go for immediate rent help in Raleigh NC?

(Request from Cynthia in Raleigh, North Carolina) The sheriff is supposed to be coming out on the 7th of march to put the lock on my door. I have gotten little help from agencies and still have appointments this week but where else can i go to for immediate help? Please help.

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