Looking for rent and utility help in Honolulu

(Request from Jessica in Honolulu, Hawaii) I am a mother of 3 and my husband (who is the breadwinner of our family) is going to jail. I am currently attending medical transcription courses online, but will not be graduating until July 27 of this year. I have no savings to speak of, and I am not currently working. […]

I need rental assistance in Ewa Beach but do not meet income limits

(Request from Stephanie in Ewa Beach, Hawaii) Me and my three children were living with my mother. Because of a disagreement, she has kicked us out. I have a good job but no money saved. I don’t know what do to. My children are bouncing from relatives homes to keep a roof over their head and […]

Is there transitional housing in Aiea, Hawaii?

(Request from Denise in Aiea, Hawaii) I am behind on my rent and my landlord wants us to move out before December 31st. I have a place for us to move into temporarily but we cannot get into there until Mid January. My landlord is asking if I will move before December 31st or they will […]

Rental Assistance for Single Moms in Honolulu

Raising a child alone is hard enough, and doing it in one of the most expensive states of the union is even tougher. If you are working but do not earn enough money to get by on, you might actually qualify for rental assistance. Aid for single moms is available in Honolulu.