Need rental assistance in Hendricks County

Residents of Hendricks County, Indiana may obtain assistance when they are unable to pay rent and security deposit. There are several options for aid, and each option depends on the actual circumstances of the tenant. We received a request for aid from a client in Avon.

Indiana’s Human Services Inc has transitional housing

Human Services, Inc. has served lower income households in Indiana for 50 years. This community action agency has roots in helping with emergency shelter, but its transitional housing programs provide the best answer for tenants unable to pay the rent.

Terre Haute rental assistance choices are short on cash

Lower income Vigo County households who need help with monthly expenses may need to reconsider their search for emergency cash assistance. Terre Haute rental assistance programs focus less on handouts and more on emergency housing or long-term subsidies.

Need help paying rent and security deposit in Gary, IN

(Request from Alexandria in Gary, Indiana)  I need help paying for a rent & security deposit . I just received a job and I can afford rent. my sister is trying to kick me and my 2 year old and I need to move ASAP before me and my baby is homeless. the rent is 365 […]

Spencer Ministerial Association gives quick $50 as rental assistance grant

An Owen County, Indiana rental assistance hotline is operated by a partnership of local churches that are committed to providing help to needy families. The Spencer Ministerial Association provides up to $50 in rental assistance funds to needy households who make a request through the hotline.

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