Facing eviction in Dorchester, MA

(Request from Donald in Dorchester, Massachusetts)  I am 3 months behind in my rent we are facing eviction within a short period of time. We have no funds to move or pay rent at this time what can we do? I am disabled and my wife does not make enough bi-weekly to cover our rent and […]

Going to be evicted in Marlborough, MA

(Request from Caroline in Marlborough, Massachusetts) I lost my job and haven’t been able to pay my rent and now I am going to be evicted. What can I do?

SMOC subsidies provide rental assistance in Middlesex County, MA

Southern Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) provides rental assistance to Middlesex County, MA residents who need help coming up with their full rent payments. SMOC rental assistance programs serve lower income individuals across 37 Middlesex County communities.