Emergency help with rent in Orlando

Orlando rental assistance programs vary in effectiveness and budget. Some have high qualifications for aid, such as evidence of a hardship or extreme low income. Others are very willing to help out in small amounts just by completing a short application.

Rent money stolen, I need help with rent in July in Hollywood, FL

(Request from Sixto in Hollywood, Florida)  I had my $600 dollars for my rent and it was stolen from my place, now I’m going to lose my apartment and my furniture, because I won’t have the money for a storage unit.  I only receive from SSD $718.00 a month. I need help with my rent of […]

Looking for assistance with security deposit in Titusville

(Request from Yamira in Titusville, Florida) Hi my name is Yamira I’m looking for assistance with security deposit on an apartment or house that I found in my area I work extremely hard but it kind of hard to save up to put a deposit down on a place when having a 3 year old child […]

Is there any program to help with security deposit in Pasco County?

(Request from Autumn in Holiday, Florida) My fiancée and our son are looking to move into a house that’s located in a convenient spot for his new job. The landlord of the house is asking first months rent & deposit. We had a referral through a DCF worker for a program that would pay first months […]

Looking for assistance with security deposit in Riviera Beach, FL

(Request from Blake in Riviera Beach, Florida) I’m looking for assistance with security deposit for an apartment I found because recently I’ve found myself sleeping in my car and getting up and driving to work. I’m really looking for the best help I can get as far as assistance because this would really help me if […]

I need help with rent in Lakeland, FL ASAP!

(Request from Todd in Lakeland, Florida) I’m a disabled veteran and lost my job in February of this year. I have a wife and 2 small children. I have gotten help from family to help pay rent but they can no longer help. I have looked everywhere and called everyone for help but these places say […]

Facing eviction, need Kissimmee emergency rent assistance

(Request from Norward in Kissimmee, Florida) My spouse and I have been served with a 24 hour notice to vacate the premises.  We paid the immediate back rent that was on the judgment at the courthouse, and then attempted to get a court date to pay this month’s rent (thus giving us a little time to […]

Jacksonville rent help provided through Emergency Assistance Program

The Duval County Behavioral and Human Services Division provides emergency rental assistance funds to lower income households in crisis. Their Emergency Assistance Program distributes Jacksonville rent help funds to applicants who qualify for immediate cash assistance.

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