Rent support in Mason County, KY

There are rental assistance programs that serve the good people of Mason County. Some provide transitional housing while others pay cash towards rental arrears.

NKCAA emergency rental assistance in Carter County, KY

Northeast Kentucky Community Action Agency (NKCAA) is a major social services organization in a five county footprint of NE Kentucky. While typical services are provided to Boyd, Elliott, Greenup and Lawrence Counties, it is the innovative emergency assistance program in Carter County that provides lasting social impact on the community.

I lost my job and need rent help in Louisville

(Request from Shanell in Louisville, Kentucky) I lost my job at the end of March I am fighting with unemployment. I cannot pay my rent. I have been looking for jobs and have tried the local agencies for help but no funding. If you can give me information on some assistance it would be helpful.

Can any place help with rent and security deposit in Lexington, KY?

(Request from Noel in Lexington, Kentucky) Is there any place in the surrounding area of Lexington, Kentucky that will help with my deposit and first month rent I’m being evicted and have to be out in less then three days on 05/09/2014. I don’t have the full payment of 860 that is needed to move in in time […]

Where can I find a rental loan in Henderson KY to prevent an eviction?

(Request from Shauna in Henderson, Kentucky) After writing a long letter, Friday to please ask my landlord to give me to the end of the month to catch my rent up, and offering post dated checks for payment, I was told they are filing an eviction notice. I now have have until 5/10/14 to find $1178.50 for rent. If I […]

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