Somerset County’s IHNSC transitional housing program

Somerset County residents are able to find a new path to financial stability when they are threatened with homelessness. The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Somerset County (IHNSC) uses a stairstep transitional housing approach to help residents who cannot afford to pay rent and security deposits for a new place.

SCLAHP transitional housing in Salem County NJ

The Inter Agency Council of Human Services administers one of the more successful transitional housing programs in Salem County, New Jersey. To help homeless households become good tenants, the agency’s program offers a chance to live in a proper home while saving money towards future rent.

Need help with a security deposit in Irvington, NJ

Local agencies that offer security deposit assistance in Irvington provide lower-income households with a much-needed lifeline. With help, families can gain access to safe and affordable housing, even when high upfront cash requirements might present a barrier to entry.

Help with security deposit in Jersey City, NJ

Many loan applicants are often surprised to hear that they may actually be eligible for grant funding or other arrangements that can help them raise the cash required for a move. Those who need help with a security deposit and first month’s rent may qualify to tap into alternative arrangements that are far easier on the […]

I am a teacher and cannot pay August 1st rent in Rahway

(Request from Danielle in Rahway, New Jersey) My name is Danielle I am 26 and am a teacher. I am in a crisis I did not save enough money this summer and I am negative in my account. I will not be able to pay August 1st rent and I need help desperately. I don’t have good credit […]

Need help with a security deposit in Mercer County, NJ

(Request from D. in Mercer County, New Jersey) I’m renting a house with a man that’s very abusive. I have an excellent job, however, my credit isn’t all that good and I have no money saved to leave. I have a dog and myself and my belongings and a good income to pay my bills however […]

I am days away from being evicted in New Jersey

(Request from Anthony in New Jersey) Good Morning, My name is Anthony and I am emailing you in hopes that you can assist me with a matter that I am having I understand that this maybe a long shot and very unlikely in my favor but I was hoping to find out if your bank offer […]

Have to move and need help with security deposit in Bellmawr, NJ

(Request from Bridget in Bellmawr, New Jersey) My landlord is selling my current home. I was asked to move, and have found a house I can move into July 1 but I need security deposit for my new house and my current landlord has 30 days to return my deposit here, but the new landlord can’t wait. Please […]

Bayonne rental assistance provided by BEOF and the housing authority

Two Bayonne rental assistance programs combine to provide lower income households in this Hudson County community with the safety net necessary to combat homelessness. This one-two punch keeps homelessness at bay while providing financially distressed tenants with the rental help they need to retain access to safe and affordable housing.

I am facing eviction in Camden County, NJ

(Request from John in Pine Hill, New Jersey) Hi i am facing eviction any day now i am 2 months behind on my rent and i have no one to help me and my new born daughter who is 3 months old. Please tell me i can get help. I don’t know hat to do i […]

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