I need help paying my rent in Apache Junction, AZ

(Request from Sarah in Apache Junction, Arizona) I need help paying my rent.

Dear Sarah,

It may be possible for you to get help paying your rent in Apache Junction. In addition to the many churches and nonprofit organizations that may provide programs and financial assistance, there are two key agencies that may be very helpful.

Apache Junction

The city of Apache Junction administers rental assistance programs to local residents.The city provides referrals for local residents who find they are unable to afford their rent payments. While some referrals are for temporary cash assistance, others are made to transitional and permanent housing programs where rental rates may be reduced and security deposit requirements relaxed. The city prefers that all inquiries be made in person at the E. Superstition Blvd. location rather than through phone calls.

Pinal County Housing Authority

The Pinal County Housing Authority provides subsidized rent opportunities as part of the federal Section 8 program. This can be an extremely helpful program for any household that experiences a chronic difficulty in paying normal rent.

If you would like to be considered for a rent subsidy, you may submit an application on the third Tuesday of the month at 575 North Idaho Rd. Applications are accepted between 9:00 am and noon. For more information you may call the Pinal County Housing Authority at 520-866-7201.


The Community Action Human Resources Agency (CAHRA) can also provide you with substantial resources for help paying your rent. Program funding is allocated towards assisting lower income tenants who need help transitioning into a more affordable rental situation. While they can help you remain in a current rental property, you could also use the support to move into a cheaper rental unit. For more information call CAHRA at 520-466-1112.

Whether you are looking for a temporary financial grant or permanently need help paying rent in Apache Junction, any of these agencies can help you apply for the programs that you likely qualify for. Just be sure to clarify to the case manager whether you need permanent help or are in need of emergency assistance.