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    I currently have a job and work as much as I possibly can, but due to a lack of work over the summer I am far behind on my electric bill and rent is now due I don’t have the money for that either. I have tried the salvation army, and the local CAP but they aren’t able to help me. I already have two title loans that I am paying on and my credit cards are maxed out. I can make it if I can just get caught up with the bills. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



    I’m behind on rent 1000.dollars I have three kids I just got a job just need help an want to keep my kids in one place



    Hi good morning i get social security income. I am trying to move to a better place for me and my kids. Because the landlord is not fixing what they need to fix. I need help with a securitydeposit. I live in Florida. The deposit is 1600



    My name is lee and I’m tryna provide for myself and not get evicted I Gabe already received letters and I have u til the 13th to pay 921.00 could anyone please help me please I don’t wanna live in streets please help I’m in the dallas area



    Need rent assistance asap



    Hi I am a single mother of 3whos in need of A blessing someone I have been abused lost my job n I need to pay my rent so we won’t be homeless I turned my life around I love my Babys n its almost Christmas I just didn’t want us to be put out thank u god bless u



    Hi I am a single mom I work a full time job but due to hurricane Irma like so many it has but me financially behind. I had to use my rent money to buy supplies and wood for my windows and as hard as I have tried I can not get caught up just need help to get this debt off my shoulders and to make sure me and my son continue to have a home. Thank you



    Hello, I am a current college student and I’m behind 1000 dollars on my rent 🙁 I’ve sacrificed missing school and almost getting kicked out of my program just to get a job i will catch up if I just had that extra help now that I have a little job on the side but catching up seems so hard when you have a eviction notice over your head

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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