Reduced Rent Apartments

If you have been struggling to afford market rates on apartments, then you might want to look at your financial situation and see if you qualify for reduced rent apartments. These are generally subsidized by local government agencies, but there are also charitable communities that exist for lower income households.

Section 8 housing is a specialized classification of subsidized rental properties that are generally maintained by private landlords. These landlords agree to rent to low income tenants as long as the landlord is willing to accept split payments from 2 parties. In a common scenario, the tenant might pay $250 a month with the landlord receiving an additional $500 a month from the local housing authority.

Local housing authorities frequently maintain individual apartment communities that are designed for common situation tenants. Some apartment complexes may be reserved for single moms. Others may cater to single men. Family dwellings may also be provided for a traditional household.

Some charities also provide reduced rental housing for those who qualify. A church may have dwellings for some of its parishioners.

Several military service organizations provide emergency or transitional housing to Veterans. In appreciation for a Veteran’s service to our country, a certain number of reduced rent apartments may be available to ensure that no Veteran goes homeless.

Some drug rehabilitation charities also provide residential options to those admitted as long as they fulfill the requirements of the program. One example in Durham, NC provides safe housing for drug rehab participants as long as they stay clean and participate in one of the organization’s related work training programs.

Your situation may be somewhat less drastic than what you have read here. Still, you may be surprised to know of the types of support you may qualify for. Just think about how a reduced rent apartment could free up cash to use toward diaper purchases, gasoline for your car or medicine for your lingering illness.

For more information, look at what local programs might serve you. You might still be able to afford a good lifestyle so long as you do not have to pay the high market prices of most rental properties in your area.