Midlands Housing Alliance brings transitional housing to Columbia SC

The goal of the Midlands Housing Alliance in Columbia SC is to provide permanent housing to the homeless. To achieve this, several strategies are put to effect in order to stabilize the homeless, help them achieve permanent housing, assist them with employment and help increase their income. The goal of the Outreach program offered by the Midlands Housing Alliance is to engage the homeless, create awareness of services they are entitled to and help register in the programs that are best suited for them.

Outreach workers actively assess eligible clients by visiting places frequented by homeless individuals such as community/public places and soup kitchens, and also work with other agencies. The Day Center of the Midlands Housing Alliance is where the homeless people are registered into onsite housing programs and is the step to the process of recovery. During this phase, the Midlands Housing Alliance will also provide the basic necessities of life showers, laundry and food.

As part of their Housing Programs, the Midlands Housing Alliance provides 80 beds for those that are on the street, but are not ready to enter a rehabilitation program. Some may have a mental illness or an active illness, and those will consistent health crisis will be directed to the emergency room for further assessment. There are another 86 beds at the Midlands Housing Alliance that are allocated to short term housing for homeless men and women. These individuals must be ready to participate in the programs such as health care and job assistance plus be ready to combat their addictions and mental health issues.

80 transitional units are allocated on a three month to year basis in order to provide full recovery and address the individual’s needs. Residents of this part of the transitional housing will be given all the support they need to change behaviors and become self sufficient members in the community. There are 14 convalescent beds available for those who need to recuperate from physical injury or illness rather than directing them to the streets or traditional emergency housing facilities. Additional services provided by the Midlands Housing Alliance include substance abuse treatment and meals.

If you or someone you know can benefit from the programs offered by the Midlands Housing Alliance in Columbia SC or would like to learn more about their volunteer program, call 803-708-4861.