Get help with back rent in Yuma

Are you falling behind on your rent? Depending on how late you are, you might be able to get cash assistance to pay your rent. You must be a Yuma resident and your family should be of lower income if you expect to qualify.

Your first stop should be to the Housing Authority of the City of Yuma (HACY). A case manager will first determine if you should remain in your current unaffordable home or if you qualify for a subsidized home. HACY does more than just manage housing projects. You might find that you could have a portion of your rent paid directly to your new landlord on your behalf. Find out if you qualify for Section 8 or other self-sufficiency programs. Call 928-782-3823.

The Yuma County Housing Department does provide low-rent apartments for families of lower income status. These are offered in Yuma (Pecan Shadows), San Luis (Moctezuma) and Somerton (Valley Vista). Call 928-627-8828 to request an application and plan your visit with a case manager.

The Western Arizona Council of Governments (WACOG) can step in if you are more than a month late on rent payments. Their homelessness prevention program can allocate funds to your landlord in the case where you have received an eviction notice. To speak with a case manager, call 928-782-1886.

Crossroads Mission provides free emergency shelter if you have already been evicted. If you have not yet been evicted, a case manager can help you find the appropriate resources so that you might be able to remain in your current home. Call 928-726-0491 to find out how you might be able to take advantage of counseling and free services while you try to gather the cash to stay in your home.

For longer term solutions, you may decide not to try and throw good money after bad. You might be eligible for transitional housing opportunities that allow you to save your rent money rather than pay it for previous months’ rent. Serenity Complex provides transitional housing on 3rd Ave. Call 928-783-5642.

Harmony House also provides transitional housing. Call 928-726-0491 to speak with an intake counselor.

Keep in mind that all programs typically have a waiting list, and you may not have much time if you have already received an eviction notice from your landlord. In that case, you might want to dial 211 to speak with a United Way representative who will help you understand where to start your search.

Whatever you do, do not take out a loan to pay back rent. Instead, get the help you need to avoid eviction. If you do leave, do so on your terms.