Get Help Paying Rent in New Hampshire

New Hampshire rental rates vary widely depending on where you live, and you may have felt the sting when income disruptions or unexpected expenses take your rent money. That is why you have so much support from the state of New Hampshire and affiliated nonprofit organizations that can provide help with rent.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services provides emergency assistance for housing and utilities. Instead of trying to explain to your landlord why you cannot pay your rent, consider talking with one of the case managers to see how you might be able to qualify for rent assistance.

Consider one of these sources of help with NHDHHS:

  • Up to $650 in cash assistance to help you with a security deposit for rent.
  • Up to 2 months of back rent assistance, depending on your level of delinquency and landlord demands to delay an eviction.

If you need more than the agency can provide, then you need to be able to demonstrate to your case manager how you will bridge the gap. They need to know that the money will make a difference. Therefore, it is important to be able to prove the source of additional funds that you could pull in to allow you to avoid becoming homeless. Keep in mind that the agency can provide help with your utilities too, which can help if you do not have enough money for all of your required deposits.

The New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority provides a Housing Choice Voucher program that provides subsidized rent. This can provide direct payments to your landlord to supplement the amount that you can afford to send. Instead of paying $700 a month, your share might only be a couple hundred bucks.

Unfortunately, funding for the Housing Choice Voucher program is extremely limited. Since applicants tend to remain on the program’s rolls for many years, there are few opportunities for newer applicants to gain entry. Therefore, you should expect to remain on the waiting list for 6-8 years on average before being offered a vacant opportunity.

To understand what subsidized apartments might be available, considering utilizing the Affordable Apartment Search through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It can show you the properties closest to where you want to live. Of course, you still have to contact the leasing agent to discuss entry requirements. For rural areas, you may be better served to utilize the rental housing search tool through the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development program.

If you can take advantage of one of these New Hampshire rental assistance grant opportunities, you are much better off. Otherwise, by taking out rental assistance loans, you risk putting yourself into further debt. One exception is the zero interest security deposit loan option available to Strafford County residents.