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    I live in GA with my wife and two sons. Last October I lost my job. I emptied out my 401K to cover bills for most of 2015. I finally got a new job and began working on the final week of July. I won’t receive pay until the middle of August. Unfortunately I don’t have money to pay rent for August. We are finally headed in the right direction. I’m asking for help so we don’t have an eviction throw a monkey wrench in our recovery. I can begin repaying any loan(s) in August. Thank you in advance for your help



    My name is Crystal Allen and I live in Frankfort, KY, and I need some help. Recently my account has been hacked and emptied. I had been working up to pay my rent that I was behind in to pay $1600 on the 20th. If not, I will get evicted and have nowhere to go. Can anybody, or somebody please help me? Please. I’ve been trying to reach the ROSM Frankfort, KY Agency for three days and I have had no luck. I’m really in a tough bind and I will take anything I can get. I really just in need of some help. I am running out of time.



    My family and I are about to be evicted.we are. In moorpark, ca. We have already recieved a three day notice.. Csn anyone please help?



    Need help in the next 24 hours with an emergency assistance



    Need help in the next 24 hours with an emergency assistance. I have 3 kids.



    Hello my name is Marissa I am in need of help for my rent or I will receive an eviction notice . I have two daughters under the age of 2 and really need help . Me and my bf recently got an apartment with subsidized rent But the county can no longer help. Rent of 1150 is due on the 1st of May pls help



    Hello my name is Monique, I am a single mother of 4. Back in Oct 2016 I was laid off of my job, recently this past FEB I was employed again, making less then my other job but during the time I was unemployed I did everything I could to stay afloat, and not that I have a job I fell behind due to the fact that I was paying my family & friends back that had helped me during my hardest months, so I thought. My last 2 checks were not full checks due to having to take time off, I have also finally applied for child support. So I know that I can pay my rent I just have to get through this month. I love where I live, plus it is my 1st place I can actually call my own. As of right now I owe $905, I am not sure how much longer I have before they begin the eviction process. I am just so desperate to keep my stable home for my kids. We don’t really have anywhere to go if we are evicted, pleased help me & my family.



    I am single mother of two 11 and 10. Currently going through Chemo and radiation for Cervical cancer. I have a job but have not been able to work much. Because the treatment. And I live in a hotel right now and my rent is due Wednesday. I pay 418 every two weeks or 836 a month. I am almost done with my treatment . I have one more chemo and about 8 more radiations. I just need help to pay either two weeks or a month to get back on feet. Please can someone hel



    Hi I am a mother of 5, with serious medical (cardio)) condition . ONSLOW COUNTY NC For the last two months the majority of my time has been spent at the hospital and medical facilities. I have an eviction notice for $1300 or be homeless 25 July’17. I don’t have the energy neither the man power to move. It’s just been a really trying some time I can begin paying it back in August and have it completely paid in full by Sept.15’17. May someone have compassion in their heart to HELP US



    My Dorita, ,I’m in need of serious help with rent. I have a 13 daughter. Our truck broke down and had to be repaired and my boyfriend got bite by brown recluse. And can’t work until he’s cleared. I work. But it’s not enough for the bills. Please help us because we don’t want a eviction. The landlord is working with us. We just want to get caught up on our rent. If you can help us. We we really appreciate it. I pray everyday and I have alot of faith.



    Please let me know if you are able to help me with rent



    I just received a eviction notice,[ 10/3/17 ] I live in Brimfield,Ma.I am a Vietnam Era Veteran,I am set to retire in April 2018,I am 61 yrs old and my wife is 64 [1/4/1953] I owe $2784.00 Can you help me? [email protected] Home ph. 413-245-1545 Cell ph.413- 277 -1545

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