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    Hello, I’m a single father trying to avoid from getting evicted. I have until 3pm tomorrow (7/27/15) to come up with something or they will be at my place to set me and my son’s things out. Is there any help or advice?



    Hello, my name is Calvin and my family is three months behind on rent do to lost of job and multiple car accidents, just looking for help asap, but iam back to work but just can’t catch up, we live in Maryland



    Help. I have end stage liver disease and need to pay rent. I just need help to get through this rough patch. I owe 600. I can make my rent after this month. Please help



    My name is Crystal Allen and I live in Frankfort, KY, and I need some help. Recently my account has been hacked and emptied. I had been working up to pay my rent that I was behind in to pay $1600 on the 20th. If not, I will get evicted and have nowhere to go. Can anybody, or somebody please help me? Please. I’ve been trying to reach the ROSM Frankfort, KY Agency for three days and I have had no luck. I’m really in a tough bind and I will take anything I can get. I really just in need of some help. I am running out of time.



    My name is Carla Mariner I live in San Antonio but I am from Champaign Illinois. My son committed suicide two weeks ago. I had to go home and lay my son to rest. I am a college student and I am disabled,I am facing an eviction I need help I have given everything away please will you help me so I want be in the streets.

    Thank you
    Carla Mariner



    My name is Dorita Smith, I’m 2 months behind in my rent. I have a daughter. Our truck broke down and had to be repaired. My boyfriend got bite by a brown recluse spider. And put him out of work for 3 weeks. And me Couple of days. We both work. We need serious help. We don’t want eviction notice. We live in Jacksonville FL. If you could help we will appreciate. We have been praying.



    Hello my name is Heather and we have to move out by the 6 of this month and I have a 7 year old child and I need a place fast and I get 735 a month on ssi



    i am a single mom of two that are in the last year of elementary, moving right now. i recently broke my leg which has put me behind in rent 2,000 dollars. i really need help bad.



    my name is jasmin i need help i have to be out of my place on the 1st i am behind on my rent 2000 i broke my leg when i started my new job which put me behind in rent. i have two girls in the last year of elementary i need some kind of emergency help.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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