How to apply and qualify for a loan for rent payments

(Request from Michelle in Atlanta, Georgia) I am requesting how to apply and qualify for a loan for rent payments.How long does it take for the application to process and receive funds?How much can you borrow?  At what interest?

Is ClickNLoan a safe option for a rental loan?

ClickNLoan became one of the faster growing internet loan outlets beginning in 2013, although the company itself was created in 2009. Recently we examined the company and reviewed its approach to lending to determine whether or not ClickNLoan is a safe option for a tenant seeking a loan for rent.

Borro interest rates can exceed 47% APR

Do you need rental loans in excess of $1000? Where many local loan companies may balk at winning you the money you need to cover multiple months of rent and/or security deposit, an online lender has begun sending consultants directly to applicants who need higher loan amounts and have some item of value to secure […]

How to join a credit union

People are fed up with big banks right now, and the anger is well-justified. Whether it’s a $5 charge to access your own money through a debit card or a $20 fee to transfer funds from savings to checking because of overdraft, these for-profit entities just don’t seem to care about their customers as much […]

Getting a loan to pay rent

Tenants who are having difficulty making the rent payments on time often consider getting a loan to pay rent rather than risk paying late fees or worse becoming evicted from their apartment.If you are seeking a loan to pay your rent then there are a few considerations that you want to take into account prior […]

Can I get a consumer finance loan for rent?

Your new landlord wants a full month’s rent upfront, plus an extra month or more to put towards your security deposit. When money is tight it is only natural to ask, can I get a consumer finance loan for rent or security deposit?

Disaster victims may receive emergency housing assistance through the American Red Cross

American Red Cross (Sylacauga, AL) 2025 E Street Washington, DC 20006 Phone: 202-303-4498 The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization and utilized to help people, who may be suffering and going through any emergency situation, by providing skilled volunteers and with the financial assistance of donors. They focus on individuals who are affected by […]

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