Which NYC banks or credit unions are recommended for loans?

(Request from Christine in NYC) I am just wondering what banks/credit unions or companies you would suggest going to for these loans? I have a full time job offer but will not be paid for a month and a half, so will be needing a loan for first month’s rent as well as a security deposit […]

Rent overdue, San Diego homeless program turned us away

(Request from Kitty in San Diego, California) My rent is overdue my husband is a Veteran with PTSD. Program said we didn’t make enough money for homeless prevention program. That’s not fair, I don’t know what else to do. We are victims of national mortgage settlement. We were illegally foreclosed on in 2009. We need help quickly […]

Coming into money but I have to move now

(Request from Chris in Murrieta, California) I need to move ASAP and I don’t have the deposit or 1st months rent to give. I am coming into money in Feb. but I have to move now. I work hard and just have had some bad luck. I went through two divorces In two years. One was twenty […]

Child support mess up leads to maxed out cards

(Request from Manny in Beaverton, Oregon) well I need help just this once do to an unexpected child support mess up. In june of 2014 my son whom i pay child support turned 18. so support enforcement told me i didn’t have to pay for him any more, come November 20th 2014 they sent me a […]

Emergency help with rent in Orlando

Orlando rental assistance programs vary in effectiveness and budget. Some have high qualifications for aid, such as evidence of a hardship or extreme low income. Others are very willing to help out in small amounts just by completing a short application.

Is there any help for me in Clark County, Washington?

(Request received from Kathy in Vancouver, Washington) I lost my job and got behind on my rent. I now have a job but have not gotten paid.  Is there any help for me in Clark county Washington?  I owe 2500.00.

I need to borrow $700 to pay my rent

(Request from Louise in Howard Beach, New York) I need to borrow $700 to pay my rent. I am working part time, I got layed off from work, and I had a relative stay with me and they took money from me. I will pay you back.

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